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Yes, you!

I am calling all homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, and heterosexuals out of the closet. Everyone, out! Whether it is your choice in partner, secret desires, addictions, fears, confusions, bottled emotions, or any other blanket that smothers your sexuality; it is time to bring it all out of hiding.

There is a silent and deadly form of sexual abuse crippling our minds and bodies as it slithers through the generations.

The abuse I speak of is not the sort that is inflicted by another human being. This abuse is the behind closed doors, alone with ourselves, “what have I done”, “why did this happen to me”, hold it all in, be who you should be… ongoing abuse that we inflict on ourselves day after day in a clenching, grinding, grasping, even gasping, effort to hold our sexuality together. The secrets we carry are a burden to our body, a menace to our mind, and separate us from others, and most importantly, our self.

How can we step out of hiding? How can we come out of the closet in our truth instead of coming out in defiance? You have every right to come out kicking and screaming. In fact, I encourage you to. Throw a punch or two or ten, while you are still in your comfortable, dark closet. Then, when your body has released its tears, released its fears, released its choked back breath, you can step out. Step into the light with me.

We are bravely moving from the shadows of self-doubt, humiliation, separation and obsession into a space of honesty, open communication, connection and acceptance for our self and others.

You and I were born into shame, guilt, abuse, blame, grief, anger and aggression. We were not born as those things. We were born pure. We were born as love’s passion made manifest to live, breathe, and create as only a human can. We were born to turn the tides. We were born to put an end to the shame, guilt and abuse of the generations before us. We were born to imagine and inspire a different future for the generations that have yet to come.

I am stepping out of the closet.

I am stepping out of the closet, not as a heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual or bisexual, but as a human. I am stepping out as a beautiful human who has seen too many tears and too many fears to remain hidden in her closet. I will not be confined to an appropriate box. I am here to redefine the rules. I am here to heal. I refuse to be manipulated by media. I refuse to be pressured by people. I will openly and honestly communicate my feelings, desires, emotions and sexuality. I will allow light to be shown onto all of my shadows and I will embrace and learn from them.

You can step out with me. You don’t have to define yourself. You don’t even have to know exactly who you are. Stepping into the light will look different for all of us. Some will have a voice that needs to be heard while others’ simple acknowledgement to themselves is all they need. By stepping out of the shadows, out of hiding, and out of the closet, you are defining who you are not. You are strong, not weak. You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are unique.

But most of all, you are loved, more than you could ever understand (but I encourage you to try). Every single cell that makes up your magnificence is worthy of being seen. Whatever your truth is, I want to see you live it. We will all know you by your truth and it will encourage the rest of us to live in ours. You will know you have found what is authentic to you, because you won’t need to force it on others. You won’t need to shame others, blame others, or be like others. No, you will know your truth because the beauty of it will allow you compassion, love and acceptance for all beings.

Step out with me. Let’s shine.