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Have you ever had the experience of wanting—longing in fact—to create a change in your life situation but found yourself struggling between the frustration of feeling stuck and not being able to  create an action plan that would enable you to do so?

From an intuitive point of view, the feeling of being stuck is one that can often be attributed to well-established belief systems in our bodies and minds through which we are simply unable to see anything beyond what our limiting beliefs allow. We are unable to tap into new perspectives or opportunities; not because they don’t exist, but because they quite literally vibrate in a realm that we don’t yet match.

What is interesting is that even though we might not be able to tap into new ways of seeing things or applying our energy and attention, and feel like we might simply die of frustration, we often have the parallel experience of our still inner voice, entirely unfazed, whispering to us, Hang in there, youve almost got this. or Be patient. Your time will come.

Often the frustration and feelings of desperation and despair lead us to seek help from those we feel can help illuminate the way out of our predicament. As an intuitive reader, healer and teacher I can safely say that some of the most profound healing occurs when people make the decision to seek out help, yes, but the other critical contributors to self-healing which must not be overlooked are those of personal responsibility, self-reliance and surrender to the nameless, faceless inner wisdom that can never be grasped, only sensed.

It is in that nameless, faceless inner wisdom that the potential for soul-level healing lies. It contains the wisdom of universal order to which no other person can connect you. For this reason, your inner voice is tantamount to your best friend—the one who holds your hand throughout it all. You were born with this connection and no one can take it away.

Many walk though life for years and years never having been introduced to this essential aspect of their being, for the most part unaware of its existence and their direct connection to the spiritual information that is available at all times to help them navigate through the challenges that life can throw.

We can see this nameless, faceless inner wisdom at work in all areas—the woman who has been told she is infertile and goes on to naturally conceive and give birth; the middle-aged person stuck in a dead-end job who takes a leap of faith and goes on to create a successful business of their own; the housewife or stay-at-home mother who feels undervalued and under-appreciated and determines that she will create a goldmine of a community by connecting other mothers with young kids.

That nameless, faceless inner wisdom: it knows perfectly how to create the change of situation and circumstances that you so deeply desire and have been struggling to bring about through sheer might.

It is worth remembering that your inner wisdom—your spirit or soul if you like—is multi-dimensional. It operates on levels of awareness and being that we cannot begin to sense with our five senses, much less our three dimensional minds. It should by now be clearer where that sense of frustration and struggle comes from. It simply isn’t possible to create a plan with our rational three dimensional minds that will change our situation when a multi-dimensional approach that unravels from a place of soul-level wisdom is what is needed.

So if you have been in a place of wanting to create change but have been wrestling with the question of how, it is worth asking yourself honestly whether you trust yourself to be able to create a healthy, positive and lasting turnabout of circumstance. You will soon realise that it is a lot easier for us to trust the essential, everlasting, all-knowing part of ourselves than it is to trust our so called ‘rational’ minds. As much as many of us would like to think of ourselves as independent thinkers, our minds are of much more use to us if we use them as translators of the instincts and subtle feelings that stir deeply within.

The more we can understand that our rational three dimensional minds are reflections of the quagmire of beliefs, energy patterns, conditioning and fears in our space, the less emphasis we place on trying to control our experiences by problem solving and applying prescriptive solutions. It becomes easier to surrender our limitations when we can recognise them as such and hand the multi-dimensional unfolding of our desired outcomes over to the nameless, faceless inner voice within.