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The taboo of sex is decreasing. On the other hand, its value has appreciated like good real estate and many seek to build on this new development. Many experts have shared their knowledge to help couples improve their sex lives and bury the ideal of hiding your head in the sand about this topic. In this article, you will get a brief insight into how to get the best out of sex with your partner and maybe get that orgasmic eruption you’ve always longed for.

Sexual energy/compatibility

Energy is all around us, cannot be destroyed, and is transferred into many different forms. Sexual energy holds true to this law and thus when you partake in sex, you share energy with your partner.

This is very important to note as your own energy pool can be corrupted by a negative flow. Be very careful who you get intimate with. Question the value of one night stands. Is it really worth it? Just as energies may repel each other, similar effects may occur during sex. What alcohol may obscure and paint a picture of seduction may just leave you with unnecessary regrets.

Ensure that you can deal with all the consequences of sex before going to that level. Energy not only affects the body but the mind and soul. Nothing is wrong with having a partner for the sole purpose of sexual activity, but choose one with whom you are compatible. Compatibility can be assessed by getting to know each other, trusting your instinct and spending time together before actually having sex. But don’t worry if you make a mistake in your analysis. We are all only human.

Men and women are from different planets

Well, not really, but sexual gratification may be attained in differences seemingly a galaxy apart. For women, their libido is strongly based on emotions; if she is upset, annoyed or otherwise, she will not be in the mood for sexual advances. This may occur not only due to external influences, but how her mate may have treated her.

Trying to advance without resolving these issues first will just surmount to a “I have a headache” outcome. Once ironed out, a woman can feel seduced with sensual stimuli: romantic music, an aesthetic environment, lovely smells and intimate foreplay. She needs to feel in the mood, to feel amazing about herself and her mate; always remember this is highly subjective and needs proper analysis prior to actually having sex.

Every month a woman goes through a phase called ovulation where her body temperature increases and she releases an egg from her ovaries. This lasts but for a few days and it is the peak of her sexual lust. She’s an animal and may very well turn dominatrix on her mate. It is a time that a man will learn to appreciate. Beware, she is most fertile in this time also; according to your “bread in the oven” views, note this.

Men on the other hand are much simpler folk. No, not come naked and bring beer – although if that’s all it would take, then that man is missing out on some amazing sex. Men can also be very subjective in this area and so proper analysis is necessary. Mostly visual stimuli is appealing; lingerie with that “almost visible” effect is just the thing to spice up the night.

Aphrodisiacs are a wonderful ingredient to the recipe of sexual bliss; the more aroused he is the longer the shaft of his manhood, and no doubt the key to the depths of her satisfaction. Also, a massage will improve circulation and provide more blood to the genital region resulting in greater girth.

It is good to note that men usually like to remain at a certain sexual level once attained. Like a video game, no one wants to be stuck in Level 1 if you’ve already stormed the castle and saved the princess. Giving oral sex as a reward or for special occasions may be well intended but a cruel torture. Ladies, most of them want it all the time; you may cause more damage than good by just giving it as a treat to a dog when he does a trick.

Communication is key

Doesn’t matter who you are, how sweet you wine or how big your “ego” is –until you understand your mate and what he or she wants, you will never fully satisfy him or her. Communication is the key to unlocking that ground shaking, bed breaking, squirt a fountain and splash a milky explosive experience from a healthy sex life. Ask questions and answer honestly.

Always view sex as a service: ask what you can do for your partner. Going in with selfish intentions will take away from the experience. After an effective analysis and productive communication, plan to please. You may not remember everything, but what you do remember will be very much appreciated and most likely reciprocated in gratitude. Don’t forget, during blissful sex, inhibitions fly out the window and that primal instinct to satisfy takes over. You gain bonus points by getting it right.

Things may get messy

Amazing sex is measured in the mess of the aftermath. If you can invite your mother over after, then you have failed miserably. Expect the mess, welcome the mess. Some people feel ashamed if they sweat too much or secrete fluids, but that’s because you’re just not accustomed to great sex. These things are consequences of same and should be anticipated in the beginning. Don’t worry over dirty linens, scrapes on the wall or soaked mattresses.

Keep it fun

Think outside the box when it comes to sex. This again is very subjective and couples may need to compromise here. For instance, someone who gets a high off public sex as opposed to a very private person. Having sex in the living room may be a first step to compromise with that one, but never force your mate into doing something that leaves him or her uncomfortable.

Adult toys and gadgets may improve the performance; be honest with each other and find ways to keep it interesting. Food may also be a wonderful additive to foreplay; just watch out for the temperature! There’s nothing cute about frostbite in the wrong places.

In all, sex should be enjoyed by both parties and celebrated with satisfying orgasms each and every time. Sex is wonderful for improving mental health, physical endurance, relationship bonding and just giving you that warm, fuzzy feeling that makes you puff up and say, yes, my baby got it good!