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Breeding an animal might seem like an easy job, but it takes a lot more time and effort than people realise. You might think, ‘Whatever, once she pops out her babies, just give me one and I’ll take good care of it.’ But when that cute puppy is constantly getting sick because of the inadequate initial care… and you’re paying big bucks to keep sending it to the vet…then you’ll realise why using a responsible breeder is so important.

How to know if a breeder is responsible

red nose pitbull puppy

Photo copyright Texbeck

To ensure you are using a responsible breeder find out if your breeder answers yes to all the following questions:

  • Did they breed animals that have no hereditary defects?
  • Did they feed the mother adequate nutrition during both pregnancy and lactation? (During pregnancy and lactation the bitch should be on puppy chow)
  • Did they raise them in a safe, clean environment?
  • Did they protect the offspring by vaccinating when the offspring were of age? (Between 6 to 8 weeks of age)

These are just a few pointers to make sure that you’re on the right track when looking into breeding your dog. Don’t just run your dog over to your neighbour’s house for a quickie and then count that as breeding. This is serious stuff than can have many repercussions both on the health of your pet and on your pocket, so bear the above points in mind and happy breeding!