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Didn’t think your vagina could say yippee? Well, think again. Unfortunately for you hot-blooded guys and gals out there, this piece has nothing to do with orgasms, G-spots or squirting (there – you got your fix of dirty language for the day. Now read on with a clear head), but what I want to share are the foods and nutritional habits that are known to have served vaginas well all around the world.

Women are very prone to all sorts of minor yet infuriating vaginal infections and irritations, especially with our thong-and-spandex-exercise-pants habits. So have a read and see what might work for you. You never know… one day you might hear a little ‘yippee!’ or ‘woo hoo!’ coming from your nether regions! It’s unlikely… but you never know…

1. Lime water

I cannot sing the praises of lime water enough. The flavanoids in lime water make it a natural antibiotic and antiseptic, so it may prevent minor infections in the body. Plus, it’ll help your body maintain a healthy pH, making it more resistant to disease and infection and keeping your vagina’s delicate pH in check. Hurrah! Drink a glass a day to keep minor vaginal infections away! For more on the amazingness of lime water, check out this related article: 9 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Lime Water

2. Avoid sugar like the plague

So not only does sugar rot your teeth and make you pack on the pounds, but it also causes and aggravates yeast infections. Why do we consume such vast amounts of this crap, again? Simply put, the less sugar you eat, the more balanced your vagina’s pH, and the less likely you are to develop pesky yeast infections.

3. Garlic

Not only does garlic keep vampires at bay, it also staves off bacterial infections in your vagina. Garlic contains the component Allicin, a sulphuric compound that’s a natural antibiotic, making it highly effective at keeping your vagina happy and healthy. Garlic also has many anti-fungal properties that are particularly adept at preventing yeast infections. So forget the stank garlic breath – buy a breath mint and chow down on a clove or two!

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

I’m sure tons of you are out there rolling your eyes at yet another health remedy with goddamn ACV. Well, the thing is – this stuff actually works and is just one of those amazing things that you should really always have handy. It’s one the strongest natural antibiotics you can come across, so add 1-2 tablespoons to a glass of water and drink this mixture twice a day every day. You’ll get great health benefits in addition to keeping your missus in prime condition. (Stay tuned for our upcoming article on why ACV is basically nature’s cure-all.)

5. Water, water, water

This may seem obvious and unnecessary, but the number one natural cure for any minor vaginal irritation is to guzzle as much water as you can. Generally, you should always try to drink at least 1 litre a day. It’s easy once you buy a 1 litre bottle and just fill it up and suck on it throughout your day. Before you know it, it’ll be all done and you’ll be up to 2 litres a day and seeing glorious, amazing results. So drink lots of water and flush out all the toxic crap we put into our bodies every day and I’m sure your vagina, along with the rest of your body, will thank you.

Even if none of the above tips work for you, taking these on board will only benefit your health anyway, so give it a try and wait with bated breath for the joyful bliss of a happy, pH-balanced vagina – yippee!