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You don’t really need to have a reason to get a massage: massages are awesome, they do wonders for your health and they feel pretty darn good. But just in case you need a little extra convincing, here’s a few more reasons why you should book yourself a massage right now:

  1. Because you are stressed
  2. Because you are in pain
  3. Because you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders
  4. Because you work too much
  5. Because you worry too much
  6. Because you sit too much
  7. Because you killed it in the gym yesterday
  8. Because you haven’t exercised in a while
  9. Because you need some love
  10. Because you are a nice person
  11. Because you are not a very nice person, but would be if you loosened up a bit
  12. Because you have high blood pressure
  13. Because it’s Monday
  14. Because you need some time for yourself
  15. Because you’re on vacation
  16. Because you just got dumped
  17. Because you are in love
  18. Because you have a little extra money
  19. Because you’re broke
  20. Because you want those muscles limbered up for J’Ouvert morning and playing mas
  21. Because you hate traffic
  22. Because you’re getting married
  23. Because you’re getting divorced
  24. Because you are an eccentric millionaire rock star
  25. Because it feels good
  26. Because your kids are brats
  27. Because you have teenagers
  28. Because you are a teenager
  29. Because you’re no spring chicken (old and achy)
  30. Because it’s been a while since you got some and you could use some human contact
  31. Because you’ve been to the bank on a Friday, at the end of the month
  32. Because it’s your birthday
  33. Because you have no idea how good your body can really feel
  34. Because you’re working on your thesis
  35. Because your name is John
  36. Because you’re a guy, and well, bitches be crazy
  37. Because this is your only body – take care of it
  38. Because you are trying to get on the healthy track
  39. Because you’re going through a rough patch
  40. Because those dishes aren’t gonna wash themselves
  41. Because there is no such thing as treating yourself too well
  42. Because you are always doing things for everyone else
  43. Because you need a vacation
  44. Because you just had a baby
  45. Because you don’t have a cat
  46. Because you just went through customs in Trinidad
  47. Because your boss is a dick
  48. Because you just lifted twice your body weight – you’re not an ant, silly human
  49. Because you’re working on your Carnival body, so your muscles need some love
  50. And, well…just because…