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Dear Rollie Pollie at Maracas Beach,

Thank You!

Thank you for being you. I feel strange saying this out loud but I want you to be my new best friend.  You have to be one of the most beautiful people I have ever encountered in my life and it takes a lot for me to do a double take, far less stare in awe.

Did you see me staring at you? I hope you did not think it was because of your shape or size. Well, I mean it was—but not for the reasons you may think. Did you see me tell my friends about you? I hope we did not make you feel uncomfortable, but we seriously debated storming your beach towel. Or at least I did. Several times.

I am in love with your confidence, your beach style fashion sense, and your blatant comfort level. I already know that we should be best friends.

Your monokini is on my wish list—that is how well you rocked it! Thank you for choosing it and buying it and wearing it that day that I was at the beach with you. Is it wrong that I am drawn to you? For being a hot rolllie pollie in a hot monokini on a hot beach?

I did not see when you arrived, or when you laid claim to your little spot on the beach in the shade of the lifeguard hut, but I noticed you when you were prepping to head to the water and I could not take my eyes off you or stop from grinning at you. I also noticed when you headed back out to sunbathe with your iPod/iPhone plugged into your ears. So swag. I thought you were alone but then I noticed your equally hot significant other, and I just admired you even more. You go girl.

Thank you for being a true example of inspiration in a different form. Thank you for being your own, hot, confident self. Thank you for not covering up, or hiding, or being shy, or staying out of the water, otherwise I may have never noticed my new BFF.

Any insecurities I had been harbouring that day disappeared. Your confidence and beauty helped me feel more secure and helped me own my beauty, and a beach is a hard place for most to feel that way. I believe that anyone who can diminish another’s insecurities is an angel and a hero. Thank you for being my angel and hero.

I wish more people had the confidence you emitted that public holiday on Maracas Beach. I wish more people were angels and heroes. I wish they too had the courage to change the limited perceptions and views and judgements society forces upon us—and I hope you never change who you are for anyone, so that you can be who you are for us.

I miss you now that we are no longer a few feet apart on the sand.  I hope that the next time I go to the beach I am lucky again, and spot you. I will be searching. This time a stranger may say “hi, you are my new best friend.” I hope you want more best friends.

By the way… did I mention your guy is fine and clearly lucky to have you?!

I wish you all the best. Peace, love, sun, sea, sand and more courage, my new best friend.