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Not all yoga is created equal. This is a great thing, because the catalogue of practitioners is so diverse that it simply couldn’t be. What we want and what we get out of yoga ranges dramatically from person to person.

We have adapted this beautiful tradition in so many ways, so that it can be available and of service to each and every one of us in this modern world.

So, where do you stand on some of the common divides between practitioner preferences?


Today, we weigh in on the mirrored studio: mirror to the soul or mirror of distractions?



  • Having a reference for alignment cues can be really helpful, especially for visual learners. Even the most physically aware of us can get an assist from glancing over at the mirror and noticing and adjusting our imbalances.
  • If you like your reflection, you get more me time.
  • If you like the reflection of the babe in hot shorts/bareback, toned and tanned male specimen, to the back left of you, you can get some discreet gaping time in.
  • Being able to see the entire class flowing through the vinyasa in harmony can be a powerful tool for surrendering into the flow.
  • Staring into your own eyes can be a wonderful gateway into your soul (atman).



  • Mirror gazing can be a distraction as we focus more on how we look in a pose, rather than actually experiencing it in our bodies. Yoga is about feeling, not seeing.
  • If you don’t like your reflection, you are stuck with that horrid reminder of how out of shape you are, and how much better Wonder Woman/Superman, looks next to you (that being said, you will ultimately need to confront your body-image issues at some point).
  • Vanity – but hey, you look damn good in your Lulus!
  • Non-judgement and releasing the Western competitive, comparison-based mind set, are hella hard to accomplish when they are being reflected to you in all directions!