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Our animals are like kids of our own,

We care for them, we share with them

Even when they do things we don’t condone

So when we’re told to neuter or spay

Well that’s a lot to ask!

Altering their parts is unnatural you’d say


But here’s the reality of it all

The bitch doesn’t miss her uterus or ovaries

The dog doesn’t miss either of his balls


Ever wonder why human females are called a bitch during PMS?

That’s how a female feels when she goes through her heat

She cramps just the same, she feels much less tame

Aggression rises and all of a sudden she’s not so sweet


Ever wonder how a male dog feels…all day long?

Especially if he doesn’t have something to hump?

He’s frustrated ALL DAY, he searches ALL NIGHT

The worst case of blue balls, no wonder he’s a grump


As their moods change, you have to be very careful

They may turn against other dogs or even your kids

I don’t know about you, but that makes me fearful


Let’s not forget the unwanted pregnancies too

Dogs will mate with any age or size

Brother/sister, father/mother, anyone will do

Someone just messaged me the other day

About all the puppies she wanted to give away

Because her one year old puppy mated with her 12 year old male

They didn’t expect it, so now they’re up for sale

And when there aren’t enough homes,

They’re left on the streets to roam

On the streets there’s no fence or gate

So once again… they’ll go and mate


I know there are other more important things in the world

Than spaying or neutering your dog

But let’s try to prevent some suffering as much as we could

If a dog could wear a condom, surely he would…