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will pike
My name’s Will, I’m a Health and Fitness Coach based in London and I specialise in working with people who struggle to maintain their health and fitness habits. I created the love:Fitness method of coaching to give you the tools to take better care of yourself and create a happier and healthier life – for good!

I’m going to be teaching you how to reconnect to your body and heart, and create that healthy life that you’ve always wanted. I’ll be covering topics ranging from self-love and body image to healthy eating habits and overcoming limiting beliefs. I hope to leave you feeling inspired and excited about your health and your life.

I struggled with my own health and body image issues for years, until I learnt what taking care of myself really meant: nurturing your body and your mind, and following your heart. Since starting in the fitness industry in 2009, I’ve taught over 100 clients to think differently about their bodies and their fitness.

I stumbled across Upful through a mutual connection and fell in love with the feel, message and personality of the site – along with its founders Jade and Caroline. I’m always looking to spread the message of love and health as far as possible, and Upful is the perfect match!

Love & Health,

Will x

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