What Everyone Should Know About The Menstrual Flow: The Taboo

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In my previous article I was going on about how I had an epiphany while sitting under the full moon with a newfound friend: I realised that the menstrual cycle is actually a magical cosmic gift to women.

So you might wanna read that first: What Everyone Should Know About The Menstrual Flow: The Female Cycle

Learning all this, and seeing the influence that this newfound awareness has had on my own personal connection with my body and on my creative expression, I began to wonder why I had never been aware of it before. It seemed to me that something so empowering should be taught to every girl entering her menstrual years; it seemed like something that should be celebrated, like women should be exalted and uplifted for the mystery they carry within their bodies, and yet I’d never heard anything of the sort—the opposite actually. What I heard about menstruation was that nobody wanted to hear about it and that we should keep it quiet and deal with it without drawing attention to ourselves. But why?

Just a shot in the dark, without going into too much speculation and detail—it probably has something to do with the fact that our society developed out of patriarchal and masculine-oriented views, and there’s no time for cycles and phases of rest and relaxation in a fast-paced and work-driven system. Maybe… you know, just a guess.

I began to see so clearly how the wisdom of the power of the menstrual cycle has been repressed, or worse, has been transformed from a woman’s blessing into her curse, and it became clear to me that when I scorned my period on that full moon night, I was speaking from a mindset that was not my own but that had been ingrained in me by the influence of modern society.

It’s that mindset that makes us believe that our bleeding is dirty and undesirable, a burden that we would all be happy to be rid of. What woman raised in this current time hasn’t thought this way about her own bleeding?Isn’t it implied that we need to be discreet about it, especially around men, to whom it’s usually either of no interest whatsoever or the butt of rude jokes?

Just look at how the market is filled with images of women (of a generally unattainable level of “beauty”) attached to chemical products that remove us women from the awareness of our bodies and their natural cycles:

We use tampons so that we don’t have to feel or think about our bleeding, or risk the *utter humiliation* of a stain.

We pop painkillers so that menstrual pains don’t hinder us from going about our day as ‘normal’, ignoring our perfectly natural lowered levels of physical energy and concentration and in turn exerting ourselves twice as much to keep up with our usual level of work, consequently becoming frustrated with ourselves.

And oh God the *dreaded* bloating! Look at how we direct disgust and hatred towards our bodies when they get just a little rounded and curvy.

When we act irrationally in the days before we start bleeding, we’re diagnosed with “Pre-menstrual Syndrome”, as if our feminine condition is an illness. Listen, it’s not! Our hormone levels are fluctuating and diminishing drastically and society has unrealistic expectations of how we should compose ourselves. Being aware that this is a natural part of the cycle might allow us to understand and handle the pressure a little better, but instead we’re constantly made to feel that we’re over-emotional and unstable, which perpetuates imbalance and probably causes the emotional explosions typical of “PMS”.

And so that we can have casual sex (sexuality without spirituality or responsibility), we take birth control pills. To me, it is one of the saddest symptoms of our disconnection, because it only gives the illusion of a regular cycle, but really alters our hormones and negates our natural cycles entirely. Girls on the pill don’t even have periods but an unnatural “withdrawal bleed”.

There’s a serious taboo surrounding this perfectly natural (and beautiful) function of the female body that desperately needs to be discarded. We exist in disconnection from our bodies and consequently our inherent power and inner goddess!

Don’t you think it’s time that we stop running away and start acknowledging that there needs to be some serious changes in the way that we look at and treat menstruation?

If you’re still interested, in the next and final part of this series will be some steps that you can take to reconnect with the understanding of the feminine cycle. Do it!