What Everyone Should Know About The Menstrual Flow: Reconnecting

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So it turns out that the menstrual cycle is actually really awesome and we just forgot all about that, so we consider it a bad thing. Read the previous articles:

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The idea now is to integrate the awareness of the feminine cycle into our daily lives in a practical way.

Modern society’s standards can make this somewhat challenging, but imagine if we could organise our lives according to our natural cycles, in a way that we are able to take advantage of the energies of each phase, and in so doing, empower ourselves and become more balanced, creative, intuitive and efficient.

It’s time that we all release the menstrual taboo and reconnect (men too)!


Fellow women:

Here are some ideas on how to get to know your body and your cycle:


Take just a few minutes to visualise the position of your uterus in your body. Close your eyes and try to really feel it; if it helps, visualise it radiating light. If you’d like, you can even visualise the light in strands that connect to your mind to help establish a deeper connection between the two.


Pay attention to your energy levels, and how you think and feel during the month. Begin to notice how and when they change. (I’ve been going as far as to make quick notes everyday over the past few months.) When you understand your phases better, you may be able to structure your life accordingly; for example, taking on new projects when your level of concentration is higher, or if you can, taking just a little more time to sleep or be alone when your physical energy is generally lower. Remember that it’s more important to obey your own body than others’ expectations of you.


If you use tampons, try to not use them the next time you menstruate. Allow yourself to feel your blood flowing. Become fully conscious of the significance of this period. Use intention to transform your flow into a release of old energies. Although it’s OK to use tampons once in a while, try to do it consciously so that it doesn’t become like you are trying to resist, ignore or disconnect from your flow.


To deal with cramps and pains during your period, try to utilise heat instead of medication. A heating pad or a bag of hot water resting on your belly can work wonders! Sometimes it’s really too much to bear, but trying to relax and feel the pain can bring you more in touch with the processes your body is going through. The point is not to try to combat the pain which just creates unhealthy anger towards your body and resistance against your cycle.


If you’re on the pill, for the love of God leave that shit behind! I’ve heard many a girlfriend complaining about jumping from one brand of birth control to the next, stressing out trying to find one that works for them, that doesn’t make them gain weight, breakout, or be over-emotional. Girls, the reason you can’t find a pill that works for you is because your body doesn’t want those hormones! Listen to your body; it has an internal wisdom you don’t even know.

Coming off the pill means that hormones will need to readjust which can be really stressful, but imagine the liberation of being in control of your own system!

Of course, there’s that whole issue of, you know… not getting pregnant, but there are other healthier methods of contraception, and would it really kill us to bring some conscious awareness into our sexuality?


Go outside at night as often as you can, and pay attention to the current cycle of the moon, which is your personal guide and calendar (fun fact: did you know that in Latin the same word was used for month and moon, mensis, and from there the word menstruation was derived?)


Do something creative! Creativity is one of the defining aspects of feminine energy. So many of us think we’re just not creative people but guess what? We ALL are! The same way you can create a baby in your womb, you create a new idea, a new project, or a work of art.

Acknowledge that creativity extends beyond the production of something tangible and physically beautiful.

Sometimes, in some phases, the point of being creative has nothing to do with the product or the end goal, but with the release of internal energies which might otherwise come out as over-emotional explosions, whereas during other phases the creative potential can bring structure and beauty to your family life, your home, your work or to the world at large. But the creative energy needs to be exercised and allowed the freedom to express the various qualities of each individual phase.

So release preconceived notions and just doodle something! Sing something, do a silly dance, cook a new dish, weed your garden, paint a plant pot, rearrange a room in the house, be creative!


If this information resonates with you, read Red Moon by Miranda Gray, a book that was recommended to me by my beautiful full-moon friend, which articulates all of this wisdom way better than I can, along with the added magic of myths and archetypes.


Aaaand men:

Period blood! Did you flinch? No? Good, you’re on the right track!

You may feel that you don’t need to know anything about the menstrual cycle beyond knowing when a woman turns into a pre-menstrual dragon so you can stay the hell away, or when she’s bleeding so you can know you’re not getting any.

Men can never understand a woman’s emotional nature, so they’d better just leave them to it, right?

No! Her menstruation is not just an unfathomable time of irrational behaviour and chocolate cravings, nor is it a struggle to be pitied.

Men and women are not opposite to each other; they compliment each other. Ignoring the energies of the opposite sex that we don’t understand simply perpetuates a separation and a superiority/inferiority dynamic between the two.

You just pay attention as your woman becomes more aware of her cycle. As you both get to know her energies, the connection between you deepens. You’ll probably notice how sex changes throughout her different phases, and you’ll have a deeper understanding of why she acts in certain ways—especially during her pre-menstrual phase—and how to support her without having your head bitten off (you can’t tell me every man hasn’t wanted to get to the bottom of this one).

See and honour the goddess within her, uplift her, and allow her energies to be a source of inspiration. You are the power and determination of the sun, and she embodies the gentle rhythm and variety of the moon!