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Little big things: little disregarded things that are present in our everyday lives, that are massive in size and that could have a massive impact if we took a moment to notice them.

Sometimes I forget to notice the little big things, like our mountains. While stuck in wretched traffic, have you ever remembered to look up at our majestic, rugged mountains and just take them in for a few seconds? Or are you generally focused on cursing the traffic or looking down at your phone? ­

Earlier today, I got lost in thoughts about mountains and other little big things that just take your breath away for a moment or two. Almost as though I was using Dumbledore’s pensieve, my mind flashed back to a few years ago where I had the privilege of swimming with glorious whales.

There are so many images and emotions to remember – some that are impossible to describe. It was indeed an experience that literally took my breath away. The majestic song and enchanting movements of the whales in synchronicity with the rhythm of the vast ocean had a way of making you feel like a meaningless speck in this tremendous creation. These moments I spent swimming with whales were for me, moments of serenity, contemplation and healing. That they would allow us one hour to experience their elegance, was so poignant and humbling at the same time. I will never forget the feeling of respect and wonderment when looking into the eye of a whale, knowing that he was taking a mental image of me, while I was of him.

This immense yet peaceful being holds our truth. Within a blink of its eye, we are asked to seek inward for our deepest truth. These were meditative moments for me. The sweet and uplifting songs of these creatures seemed like they were in fact messages from the cosmos, encouraging us to let go and expand our spiritual capacity. These creatures of mysterious consciousness taught me the meaning of humility. It was an experience that illuminated the depths, the layers… of everything. It sent me on the road toward a higher understanding and tolerance for myself and boosted me to reconcile with all that was buried in my mind.

The little big mountains…the little big, disregarded mountains…today, they had the same power over me as the whales did. Take a moment.