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1. Himalayan Pink Salt!

How about eschewing the usual sugar-filled, heart- and gut-damaging chocolates for something a little more original and healthy this Valentine’s Day? What better way to say “I will love you for a million years” than with something that literally has been around for millions of years?

Sure, there may be some initial confusion as to why you’ve beautifully wrapped what appears to be a kitchen seasoning, but as your heart-savvy honey realises that you’re not giving regular ole’ blood-pressure raising white salt, but instead the beautiful rose-coloured salt of the gods, it’ll soon become clear that you’re giving with care and love.

Around since the time of dinosaurs, Himalayan pink salt includes over 84 minerals, and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. On the other hand, the white stuff we usually sprinkle on has been stripped of all those minerals (except for sodium and chloride) in processing, which is done via a whole array of chemicals and high heat, and even has anti-caking agents added to it before being packed and sold. Bleck. Shudder. Nuh uh.

The benefits of Himalayan pink salt are plentiful, ranging from increasing hydration, balancing the body’s pH, normalising blood pressure (yep, normalising not raising), increasing circulation, aiding in proper metabolism function, strengthening bones, helping the intestines absorb nutrients, improving circulation and elimination of toxins, and it’s even said to increase libido and reduce the signs of ageing! Sounds like love is in the air to me!

What’s more, as a regular pink salt connoisseur myself, I can attest to the fact that it even tastes better. And because we aren’t totally against chocolate on Valentine’s Day (or ever), try sprinkling some pink salt in the red wine glaze for The Darkest Chocolate Cake that you can serve up alongside your store-bought gifts, and cheers to the long and healthy life you two have planned together.


2. A Local Artisan Greens Bouquet

What (health) lover could resist the bountiful nutritious beauty of locally grown artisan microgreens carefully arranged so as to please both the eye and the belly? And what if those greens were not just locally grown, but exotic, and all part of the successful entrepreneurial efforts of one Trinidadian and his belief in aquaponics in T&T?

What is aquaponics you ask?

Aquaponics (AP) is a system of sustainable food production that combines aquaculture (rearing aquatic animals such as fish in tanks) and hydroponics (growing plants in water). The sustainability of aquaponics systems is based on the closed symbiotic loop in which the waste products of the fish, which may become toxic at high concentrations, are converted into important basic bio-nutrients that the plants use to grow.

Sounds sexy to me! For a sweetie whose heart is more in their belly than on what bling their sporting, you can’t go wrong with Local Artisan Greens microgreens over boring old V-Day jewellery. Bonus cuteness if you two are expecting a micro-mini yourself!


3. Private Chef

Granted this one might cost you a pretty penny, but in that “teach a man to fish” kinda way, I’m sure you can ask your private chef to give you some special tips and twirls that you can bring into your kitchen long after February 14th. And this shows that you respect your partner’s appreciation for good food and attention to what they put in their bodies. Hey, everybody wins!

In Trinidad: check out Fanatic Kitchen.


4. Chocolate, Glorious Local Hand-made Chocolate!

Despite our rumblings above, Valentine’s Day would almost cease to exist without chocolate. The two are inextricably linked, and with that in mind, we could not fail to provide you with the next level of the beautiful stuff.

Now, as a lover of fine, healthful, glorious food, or the partner of such a person, you are probably already well-informed on the bounty of delicious local chocolates available from the world-renowned cocoa beans that are part of Trinidad’s agricultural treasure trove. Although the highest quality chocolates made from these shores were once only available in ‘foreign’, when a far-flung relative might spot them while on vacation in Europe, hideously priced at a French chocolatier’s high-end shop, we can now happily say that some of the finest of those chocolates are available right here at home. Just a few of our favourites are listed here, but there are many more to be discovered. Go out there and bring back the bounty for your love!

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