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What does it really mean to be a ‘spiritual person’? Maybe this conjures up an image of a life of boring austerity and impossible celibacy that has no place in today’s busy, modern lifestyle. However, this could not be further from the truth, as being spiritual has a whole lot more to do with simply living life to the fullest and exploring your own vast potential, rather than renouncing anything (other than your less-than-healthy habits, that is!).

Living spiritually is a state of mind in which you look for the beauty in everyday life and in each other, so that your life becomes a joy to live, as you learn to celebrate the simple things that bring us the most pleasure in life. From waking up in the morning in a spirit of gratitude for all your life’s blessings, to choosing to be responsible for your own happiness, to learning how to forgive and let go, living spiritually encourages us to see life as something beautiful that is filled with exciting possibilities; it urges us to see ourselves and each other as divine in nature, even as we all struggle to come to terms with our own humanity.

When we greet each other in yoga with the salutation ‘Namaste’, we are recognising and honouring the spark of divinity that resides in all of us, and so we open the door to a deeper connection with another human being by first acknowledging their spirit within.

This allows us to see each other through the compassionate eyes of the heart instead of the harshness of the ego, and we are thus able to radiate the light of universal love and compassion that is at the heart of spiritual living. When we are able to do this, we can release the judgements and prejudices that harden our hearts to each other and close our spiritual eyes.

When our hearts are open, we are then able to see the world through the eyes of the heart, and it is then that our world transforms. For instead of seeing with the ugliness of our egos, leading to hatred and separation, we are able to see and feel the underlying unity in all beings by connecting to the indwelling light in everyone. Then life becomes filled with beauty as your focus shifts from feelings of separation, loss and loneliness to those of love, abundance and connection.

Focusing on what you have to be grateful for brings feelings of compassion for those who have less, and a subsequent desire to be of service that then invites even more abundance into your life. Choosing to see the beauty in the nature that surrounds us reminds us that life is beautiful, even when we are overwhelmed by sorrows too painful to talk about.

Accepting responsibility for our mistakes and taking steps to correct them means having the humility to say ‘I’m sorry’, and ‘I love you’. Living spiritually means accepting yourself as you are with all of your perfect imperfections, but being determined to discover your best self.

By choosing to live a life of truth, honesty and disciplined moderation, spiritual living allows you to find the harmonised and energised balance that is a finely tuned and integrated spiritual being. Such a being radiates the light of peace, health, beauty and serenity with effortless grace and ease, and is love personified.

Choosing to live spiritually means making the intense effort to rid yourself of your acknowledged character flaws and weaknesses, while at the same time celebrating your unique and beautiful self. It is choosing to systematically eliminate the unhealthy habits and patterns that limit your potential for self-actualisation and that prevent you from living your biggest dreams.

Spiritual living is a celebration of life in its highest potential that opens you up to the limitless possibilities of being a spiritual being, having this human experience where your only real limitations are those that you place upon yourself, and where you make a concerted effort to tread lightly upon this Earth, respecting her sacred existence with each step.

The Divine light in me honours the Divine light in you.