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What is it a psychic attack?

Just mentioning these words makes people cringe. So what is a psychic attack? It is the assault upon your aura, without your conscious permission, by another person, place, thing or group. When under attack, a person may feel open, exposed, vulnerable and sometimes even a sense of danger along with an anxiety or panic attack. It is a drain of our prana, our life-giving energy.

Who is doing the psychic attacking?

Firstly, there is unconscious psychic attack, meaning a person doesn’t even know they are attacking you. And then, there are those who do it on purpose, like in dysfunctional family dynamics, parent to child or vice-versa; or a boss or co-worker. Sometimes it could be the type of job you’re in, such as nursing, or any activity with high drama linked with life/death situations.

More often than not, it’s someone who doesn’t like you. Many of us are sensitive to being disliked. We’d all like to think we should be liked by everyone, but that’s not reality. Inevitably, we all make enemies by simply being alive. Just by standing your ground and staying in your own personal balance, can make people angry at you. The key here is: don’t take it personally. Detaching (Zen-like) emotionally from those who don’t like you stops the giving or frittering away of your energy to them.

Warning signs of psychic attack

•    Tiredness, fatigue and feeling drained at unusual times of day. Generally speaking, we all get a little lacklustre between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. every day. This is known in biology as the ‘post prandial dip’. If your cyclic or periodic tiredness suddenly avalanches you at any time other than the above, a psychic attack may be occurring.

•    Headache. After being with a person in a stressful situation or place, you suddenly develop a headache; this can be a drain of your energy that is taking place. Interestingly enough, when you get away from this person, your headache goes away.

•    Nightmares. If you usually don’t have nightmares, but suddenly you begin to have vivid nightmares in which whatever you fear is chasing and trying to kill you, this could be a psychic attack. However, it’s worth noting that from time to time, our subconscious may want to draw our attention away from life’s dramas.

•    Physically icy cold feeling on some part or all of your body. When your aura is being drained, you can physically feel like you’re freezing.

•    A clenched knot feeling in your stomach/solar plexus area. If you walk into a room and your solar plexus snaps shut when a particular person approaches you, beware. You are being warned that this person is dangerous to you. Our solar plexus is the seat of our fears, anxieties, repression and suppression. If you suddenly feel weak or shaky, get away from this person or activity.

•    Shaking, trembling, anxiety and panic attacks. Many times, we become drained and don’t even realise it until much later. The reaction then becomes an anxiety reaction or sometimes a full-blown panic attack on a subconscious level. If you have such a symptom, then think back several hours or 1 – 2 days before and carefully go over who you met, where you were at and try to pinpoint the possible psychic attack.

•    Depression and health problems. A specific organ of the body or chakra feels very off for a period of time. If given a clean bill of health by your doctor, then consider the possibility that you are under psychic attack. If you also feel morose, sad, or hopeless, consider this is as a serious attack.

Protection against a psychic attack

  • Positive thinking. Energy goes where thoughts flow! Never underestimate the power of the mind. If you believe that you attract everything positive to your life then the law of attraction will work to stay positively in tandem with your mind, body and soul.
  • Know your strengths, weaknesses and challenges. Understand your bio-rhythm and energy so that you can separate emotions and energy belonging to you from that which does not, and do so with conviction.
  • Leave the room. By changing your physical space, you also cut the energy cords between you and the person or space. Leaving the room can also defocus your mental energy from the attack.
  • Ground! Go sit cross-legged on the grass (your base chakra will love you for this). Connect with mother earth – gaia – by walking barefoot on the ground. Let the earth’s electromagnetic frequencies pacify and nurture your being into balance. Nature itself is therapy for the soul.
  • Cross off your energy. When you cannot leave that person or room just yet, then cross your arms over your chest, and cross your legs or your ankles. Thought of as the best form of psychic protection by the Mystery Schools, this method actually prevents another person’s energy from engaging and interacting with you.
  • Wear a protective crystal. Wearing crystals such as amethyst, obsidian or onyx with protective frequencies can also enhance your own personal energy. When using crystals, focus your thoughts whilst holding them in your hand. This magnifies the crystal’s energy for empowering and adding a sense of protection.
  • Have a sea salt bath and add some herbs.Salt baths or spiritual baths are wonderful removers of energetic debris and mush. By using half a cup of sea salt with half of a cup of Epsom salts mixed with lavender, one can remove a build-up of negativity.
  • Create a force-field. Generate your own solid bubble to prevent foreign energy from penetrating the safe haven of your aura. Visualise a round and solid energy bubble surrounding you completely. Let nothing enter your personal domain without your permission.
  • Pray! Connect with your divine source and ask for blessings and protection.


EDITOR’S NOTE: I was very sceptical about this whole ‘psychic attack’ business when I first read this article. Until I encountered what can only be described as a crazy bitch who actually psychically attacked me (without realising that’s what she was doing of course). For anonymity purposes, I can’t divulge much more. But just take my word for it – psychic attackers are out there, so beware and take heed of the advice in this very relevant article.