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Let’s face it. After every Carnival comes the flu, a cold, or something equally wretched. In the spirit of the season and unconditional love for alcohol, we unfailingly share drinks with dozens of people on ‘de’ road, some of whom we know, and some whom we’ll just call new friends. Couple that with excess fatigue and you’ll find that you’ve gotten yourself into quite the hot mess.

This is how you fight those ugly bastard cooties that cause the misery:

  1. Take a shot of liquid iron such as ‘FLORADIX Iron’ daily. You will need your energy to fight those Carnival germs.
  2. Get some mullein tea and drink it diligently.
  3. Get some Elderberry extract and take at least one dropper full a couple times a day.
  4. Rub pure Peppermint essential oil under your feet and behind your neck to draw out any fever
  5. Drink green things. Follow JuicyZuz on Facebook. They make fresh, pure, organic and all natural detox drinks- no dilution, no preservations and never any sugar. They will also deliver to your office door.
  6. Eat a clove of raw garlic every day. Stop crying. Garlic fights infections, period. You can do it. Stop saying, “ohhh geeeeed.” You can do it. If you cannot do it, try making a basil pesto—the garlic will still be raw, but it will be super tasty.
  7. Take baths in Epsom salts with a couple of drops of pure Lavender essential oil.

* Steps 1-6 will shorten the length of your misery by 50-75%. Step 7 will soothe you so that you don’t make everyone else around you miserable.

*This also works for prevention of colds and flus.

You’ll thank me later, but let me just say “you’re welcome” in advance.

All of the above are available locally at Nature’s Discount in Ellerslie Plaza, Live Green on Ariapita Drive, Whole Foods Market in Royal Palm Plaza, Maraval and Natural Balance on Cascade Main Road.