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One by one

They join, in commingled bliss

Content in sharing, in loving

Chakras opening, energy racing

As the yoni meets her shiva

The lotus unfolding

Fanning the flames of loving desire

Tantra: what is it?

You’ve heard of tantra: white tantra, red tantra, green tantra, or just simply tantra. The holy scholars claim that tantra is Sanskrit for tapestry, that is, the interweaving of divine pursuits with life. Others say that tantra is the expansion of consciousness enabling the fabric of life. Tantra can be religious, yogic, meditative or sexual. Generally, there are two paths – the Right Hand Path (RHP) where one’s dedication is towards God and the Left Hand Path (LHP) which merges the appreciation of the material world with the Divine. The LHP is commonly practised in the West. Hence the confusion that tantra is synonymous with sexual pursuits, lust and wanton abandon.

Tantra, with sexual emphasis, is essentially the spiritual sexual bonding between partners who wish to enhance the closeness of their relationship. Tantra is the intermingling of the physical, mental and emotional bodies, allowing for a conjoining of the heart and soul. This is the awakening of the sleeping serpent also known as the kundalini of the base chakra.

Tantra: why practise?

The starting point of tantra is recognising the love for your partner and the desire to enhance your spiritual, sensual and sexual levels of intimacy. Tantra or sensual sexual bliss can be used for a number of purposes. These can include creating stronger intimate partnerships in couples, increased sexual longevity, greater heights of orgasmic bliss and/or self-directed spiritual sexual energy if one chooses to redistribute his/her orgasm.

Tantric ecstasy: how to do it?

Tantra is simple. It inspires the intuition and sparks the creativity towards the pursuit of pleasure.

Firstly, one must create the pleasure scene. Between your partner and yourself, choose a mutual time and place where you both are relaxed and ready for each other. Perhaps a bedroom, backyard pool or safe moonlit beach.

Secondly, create your sacred space. Ambiance is everything. Sway your senses with scent, dim lighting, rose or floral petals, candles, incense (a spiritual erotica mix can be ylang ylang, jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood).

Thirdly, let the tantric music begin. Couples sit facing each other in lotus or coitus position. Gently stare into each other’s eyes allowing for a soul connection. Open your energy centres and let the flow begin. Allow the serpent to start its climb, each partner leaning forward, cheek to cheek, breathing in each other’s essence.

Fourthly, begin the intimate kindling of the lover’s flame. Touch each other, gently, lovingly, kindly, sensually. Have your lover lie or sit in a comfortable position. Use your fingertips to massage those erogenous areas. Use light oils to massage your lover’s body. Through your energy, send loving vibrations towards your lover. Massage your lover, hovering at your lover’s pleasure points. Use your lips, tongue and mouth to appreciate your lover’s body. Start with heels or toes and work your way upwards.

Fifth, allow the act of physical intimacy. Through oral stimulation – the yoni or lingum – find what pleases your partner and pleasure away. The act of ecstasy in its many forms raises the couple’s energy. Choose your rhythm, your flow, your positions. Reaffirm your love to your lover. Allow your senses to explode in the delight of the sexual act. Feel the shiva, feel the shakti.

Sixth, on the point of eventual climax, for those who wish to enhance the orgasm, allow your pleasure to burst through. Try to reach for simultaneous climax where you both orgasm at the same time. Feel the heavenly bliss through yourself and each other. Circulate the orgasmic pulsing energy through you and your lover’s chakras. Bond each other in a cosmic circle of divine sexual love. As your climax ends, unwind and rest on each other. Thank each other and love each other. You are both conjoined as one in the eyes of the Universe. It is said that when lovers orgasm in bliss together, their chakras burst open in radiant light and colour.

For those who to wish to redistribute the orgasmic energy, practise self control and withhold the explosion. For men, practise the art of squeezing to hold back where mental discipline fails. As a person reaches the brink of orgasm, rather than releasing into the known universe, allow the energy to rise through the chakras and then return through circulation downwards through the chakras along the spine.

Seventh, relax. Enjoy each other with love and in grace. Thank your lover for loving you and your body, and then close your energy centre. For the tantric woman, care for your base and sacral chakras.

Enjoy the wonders of tantric ecstasy.