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This is not a physiological phenomenon or abnormality, but it is part of the way I was made—call it nature, call it nurture, whichever side of this age old debate you choose to honour, it is a part of myself that I have to accept. My giant heart is at once perhaps my most powerful attribute and a wicked, wicked curse. Coupled with empathy, I am doomed.

Empathy roughly translates to an understanding of the ‘other’ (‘other’ is a concept that actually does not exist, but that’s a whole other long discussion). This devious combination ensures that there is little room for logic; it only leaves room for love.

Why am I sharing this ridiculous (and a little personal) characteristic of mine?

Mainly because I am 100 per cent certain I am not the only person with this particular affliction. As you rise in consciousness, your hearts grow larger by the day! We are asked to love our partners, our friends, our co-workers, animals, plants, rocks! How wonderful! How terrifying!

So what does it all mean?

For one, we are not suckers. Having the ability to love by no means makes us stupid or naive; maybe big ole softies to some extent, but that’s admirable I think (hugs all around—hooray!). Seriously though, leading with the ego is conventionally preferred. How can I protect myself? What makes me least vulnerable? And where has that got us as a people?

Our human ability to love makes us strong, not weak.

It is that genuine and unique ability to choose to love in spite of and with everything we have that makes us such amazing creatures. This is not to say that is always going to be easy. In fact, often accepting love or admitting it requires a level of honesty and selflessness that we are often unwilling to reach for. As someone who is striving to elevate yourself always to the highest level that you are capable of, I am sure you do not want this beautiful growth to be stunted. Do not let love be a barrier to your evolution.

Yes, it is a challenge for each of us, but, in whatever form it comes, I challenge you to choose love. It is the best form of suffering you will ever allow yourself to experience. In it comes truth. In it comes strength. Through it we become one.