Upful Journal is an lifestyle media brand with the vision of uniting Trinidad and Tobago as a community based on a mindful, positive, compassionate attitude and way of living.


Our mission is to act as a resource that presents ideas and information that trigger conscious thought and growth among readers, thus exciting a ripple effect of personal, environmental and social change.

We believe that change must begin within each individual and that it can be as simple as shifting an attitude and an action to be better aligned with a mindful way of life.

From this belief we are determined to be a relatable resource, much like a friend, to our readers. We want to share all of the wisdom and insights of mindfulness and higher conscious thought in a way that is accessible and non-intimidating to our average reader.

By planting small seeds of awareness within their consciousness we hope to inspire them to think, and to be intrigued to learn more and live a happier more fulfilling life.


  • To offer perspectives on all matters of higher human consciousness using a format that inspires readers to think and ignite further interest by presenting information in a brief, concise and factual manner and refraining from presenting opinion but rather leaving conclusions open for further thought and discussion.
  • To educate readers on issues currently facing our local and global environment, raising awareness and offering solutions.
  • To provide health and nutrition information based on unbiased natural and holistic resources.
  • To raise awareness of subtle energetics and metaphysics by presenting information on topics such as yoga, meditation, natural and holistic health and energetic healing modalities.
  • To inspire creative expression and share creative works, insights and ideas; to showcase local and regional artists, poets, musicians, etc., who are using their inner consciousness to create.
  • To focus on and support the education and development of more conscious youth for today and the future.
  • To bridge gaps and differences based on race, gender, age and religion by presenting an equal format for all to share, learn and especially understand.
  • To bring attention and promotion to persons, places and projects that are seeking and acting to bring about positive change in any of the aforementioned categories. This also includes a forum for local NGOs to bring attention to their cause and fundraising activities.
  • To create a supportive and non-competitive community around persons and business who share a similar vision.
  • To offer positive suggestions and solutions to current issues rather than focus on the problems at hand.
  • To offer an outlet for persons who share a similar vision to contribute their passion, knowledge, research, viewpoints, ideas and stories and share them with a supportive community.