Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Have you ever had the experience of noticing an opportunity show up in your life and even though it speaks to your soul, you sense a gap between where you are and being able to really seize that opportunity and bring it into your life?

It can be very much like standing on one side of a collective river of thoughts, energy, beliefs and fears and realising that there is no bridge to help you make it over to the opportunity that’s taking place on the other side.

Sometimes we give into feelings of isolation and helplessness and simply look on in despair as these opportunities on the other side of the metaphorical river bank come and go.

Sometimes, however, depending on the volume of the river, there might be a trail of stepping stones that appears and which leads to the other side. How many times have we been excited to notice these stones and take one, perhaps two, steps forward along the trail only to succumb to the doubts and inner voice that screeches between our ears and stops us in our tracks, ‘Hello…what do you think you are doing?! (shock and horror!) Don’t be so ridiculous, you don’t know enough/aren’t good enough/aren’t capable enough to do/be/have/give yourself this experience!’.

Well the good news is…drumroll….that those voices and feelings of self-defeat are on their most fundamental level made of energy.

Yes, they are just energy. 

In other words, those voices and feelings aren’t real—at least not in the sense you previously understood them to be.

They are the by-products of misaligned energy in our bodies and auras which most often gets translated into fear.

So where does this misaligned energy come from?

Imagine that in order for us to see, sense, re-claim and re-integrate new aspects of our true selves, our spirits create clever energetic jigsaws that feature the life situations in which we find ourselves. The level of consciousness we have around our current jigsaw varies according to the spiritual lesson we are trying to learn. Unsurprisingly, the longer, more challenging and intense spiritual lessons are those that make it the most difficult for us to effectively be present and in communication with our higher purpose and true selves.

Key to this theory is that the fact that each time we consciously identify and reject an energy, behaviour or belief which is not us, it lights up and helps us to integrate an understanding of who we really are. Each time we ‘complete’ a jigsaw and integrate the awareness, information or healing as spirits we had been seeking, we take our evolution to the next level. And so we go through life.

So the next time you notice an opportunity come along that you’d really like to seize but find yourself procrastinating, stuck, trying to pretend it’s not beckoning and coming up with every conceivable excuse not to further explore, take a few minutes to ask yourself the following four questions;

  1. What is my belief or fear around being able to allow myself this experience or opportunity?
  2. What is the first experience I can remember in which I learned it was safer to withdraw, be invisible, to not be seen as entitled, precocious, pushy or whatever variation of this applies?
  3. Now that I have identified this belief or fear in myself, is this really who I know myself to be?
  4. With this increased self-awareness, how much longer can I continue to deny my true nature and play small before something gives (i.e. my health, happiness, level of wellbeing, state of mind, self-love or self-worth)?

Now look closely again at that experience you’ve been wanting to have more than anything else.

On a soul-level you have known all along that if you pursued it, it would open up a whole new world—one in which you would feel like a more expansive, happier version of yourself in greater alignment with your intuition, purpose and truth.

Maybe, just maybe, after you’ve seriously considered the answers to these questions, taken a deep breath and relaxed, you might notice that something within you has shifted and your perspective has changed.