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It’s the season of giving. Our hard earned dollars are often spent in the support of many a large corporation, and occasionally in a charitable cause. But what about the everyday homeless/beggar/vagrant that we pass on our regular route, or stumble into as we leave shopping plazas with our hands full of shopping bags?

Please take our brief and anonymous survey. Do you give money to the homeless? Please briefly explain your take and reasoning.

Why I Do/Why I Don’t

Have you ever been wholeheartedly for or against something, only to realise later down the line that your strong, unwavering opinion was wrong? Or that you simply evolved and no longer feel that way?

It happens to everyone!

All too often, when we set a belief we turn blinkers on to any viewpoints or information that may conflict with our comfy little ego and identity.

Having beliefs and making discernments is useful and powerful, but not at the risk of simply denying the other side of the spectrum.

This is a series designed to share honest thoughts, feelings and opinions, without judgment. We aim to showcase the varying range of standpoints people take on some hot topics. Weigh in on your views and take the time to read and appreciate that others may feel differently.