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Nelipot: One who walks barefoot

I’m a firm believer of grounding oneself by physically connecting with the Earth. Simply walking and standing on the raw earth barefoot is something that I do daily. There’s a certain connecting and grounding effect that occurs when I do this; all the parts of my feet are able to connect and feel the Earth that is supporting me. I instinctively feel as though I have better grip, better balance and stability.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been this way and I only wore shoes when I absolutely had to and this was usually reinforced by a stern voice from one of my parents.

I found that wearing shoes disabled me from being able to properly climb up the mango trees or nimbly run around. There was something just so satisfying about taking off my shoes and not having to wear them and well, I just really liked the feeling and freedom that came with being barefoot; it genuinely and naturally had a feel-good vibe.

I try to trust my instincts and for a long time I’ve felt that there was more to this urge to be barefoot and a reason as to why it felt so good, so I decided to do some research into this little trait of mine. Seems like there is method to my madness—if anyone feels this same pull to connect with the earth, take this in…


I thought I would begin by searching the word ‘Grounded’ on Google, and when reading through the definitions I found many, but the consistent ones were these:

Grounded (adj): Being well balanced and sensible.

Grounded (v): To place on or touch the ground.

In other words, grounding is a method of connecting to the Earth by simply touching it with a part of your body, and as mentioned above, the term ‘grounded’ means being well balanced so in short, by touching the earth, we become more balanced.


On Googling the word ‘Earthing’, I found a very interesting definition provided by Wikipedia that explains it in electrical terms. It states, “An earthing system or grounding system is circuitry which connects parts of the electric circuit with the ground, thus defining the electric potential of the conductors relative to the Earth’s conductive surface.’

Translating this, everything is made up of energy, and we have electricity that flows throughout and within our bodies. When we connect to the Earth and ground ourselves, there is a connection made and a transfer of electrons from the Earth into your body.

Thinking about that for a minute, we all know that we have a high concentration of nerve endings on the soles of our feet. Nerve tissue is electrically conductive and seeing as our soles are riddled with electrically conductive nerve tissue and the earth has it’s own energy and electrons, it’s logical that there would be an electrical interaction between the Earth and our bodies, no?

In recent years there has been a significant amount of research regarding Grounding and Earthing techniques and their benefits, some of which state that by connecting to the Earth, our bodies become flooded with electrons that neutralise damaging free radicals and are successful in decreasing inflammation and repairing DNA damage.

The Earth has a negative charge, so when we practice grounding or earthing, the electrons being absorbed by your body are negative while the free radicals are positive; as the electrons migrate throughout your body they integrate with one another and neutralise.

An even more recent and important discovery with respect to grounding is that it thins your blood, making it less viscous. Research conducted by Dr J. Oschman and Dr Sinatra reveals that when you ground yourself to the Earth, your blood cells have more charge on their surface, which forces them apart from each other, resulting in the thinning of the blood, allowing it to flow more easily and preventing red blood cells from sticking together and forming blood clots.

Being connected and in-tune with the Earth’s energy helps us get back to our natural electrical state. Grounding equalises your body’s energy to that of the Earth’s, which results in the synchronising of your internal biological clocks, hormonal cycles and physiological rhythms. Simply being barefoot in the grass or on the beach, or being close to or in the water is a great way to regain some balance within the body. The ocean is a great conductor and considering that we are made up of 80 per cent water, it is very good in establishing a solid connection.

Connecting with the Earth’s natural elements and energies provides profound healing, calming and balancing effects throughout the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Spend some time being with nature so that you can attune and reconnect to the natural equilibrium of life.